In 1860 the first brick was laid in the form of a village school. In 1896 the school welcomed a new neighbour: a farm house. Over a century later, both buildings inspired Dr. Prof. Herman Wittockx to create a unique metamorphosis. Hubermont went from a place of elementary education to a workplace for adult learning: a unique corner in the educational landscape of Europe.


In 2014, due to the growing demand for Hubermont’s key elements of space, exclusivity, nature and privacy, the founder began contemplating a second Space for Development. In 2017 this new Space opened its doors. Unlike the first building (La Colline), which was built in a classic Ardennes style, this second Space (La Vallée) was built in a modern mix of natural vs. industrial. This unique blend combined with Hubermont’s philosophy opened up a whole new world.