Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Examples catering Hubermont:


  • Fruit juice
  • Coffee and Tea,
  • 2 sorts of yogurt 
  • Muësli, and Cornflakes 
  • Different breakfast rolls,
  • Crispbread, knäckebrod and gingerbread
  • 2 sorts of butter
  • Croissants
  • 3 sorts of cold cuts
  • 3 sorts of cheese
  • a variety of jams
  • eggs of your choice, with or without  bacon from the Ardennes

All our dishes are home-made with fresh local products 


2 courses: soup and hot or cold dish (seasonal)


- Julienne (vegetable soup)

- zucchini soup

- pumpkin soup 

- mushroom soup     

- tomato soup

- broccoli soup 


Hot dishes

- quiche lorraine, quiche méditerrané with salad       

- chicken pastry with salad          

- chicken curry with French fries and salad          

-  regional » Ardennes » buffet       

-  pasta Bolognaise



Salade Caprese

Sandwich buffet

Salad buffet with cold cuts



Three-courses: starter, main course and dessert 

Here is just a small example of menus: these are prepared entirely according to your wishes

Possibility for a 4th course

e.g. : a Spoon or a vélouté of sellery with Parmesan,

Or a vélouté of parsnip with truffle


Menu 1

* Salmon tartare with Granny Smith apple, olive oil, lime, coriander and anise 

* Guinea fowl with fresh forest mushrooms, gratin dauphinois, trio of fresh vegetables

* Raspberry pastry 

2nd menu

* Gambas, flambé, on a bed of 5 sorts of herb lettuce,

* Duck with honey and pink pepper, rösti, caramelized chicory

* Limoncello ice cream

3rd menu

*  Beef carpaccio with truffle, aragula salad

* Fillet Mignon with Barolo sauce, creamy risotto with green asparagus tips, courgette pesto

* Chocolate Truffon